Friday, May 18, 2012

sandy beach

our wedding ceremony will be held at sandy beach, a little park near our house where we spend endless summers wading in the river, sharing popsicles, and soaking up every last bit of sunshine. we really love the space and because of its happy memories, decided it would be the perfect place to get married. we have also decided that no matter the weather, we will have the ceremony outdoors. if it rains, there will be last minute scrambles to collect umbrellas (jess always wanted to wear rain boots with her wedding dress), if it snows, dig out a warm jacket and grab a hot chocolate on your way over, and if its a beautiful indian summer afternoon (which it will be) come dressed however you like and enjoy the pure loveliness that our favourite park has to offer. we promise that no matter what the weather, the ceremony will be simple, quick and as fun as possible.

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